A New Glory Wave to Think Differently!

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: June 19, 2022

– Chuck Pierce: Now before James started singing that, I don’t always see this or say this, but there was a glory cloud that went all the way. It came from this side.

– And went all the way across and out. Now I’m telling you, I saw it with my eyes. It was about at the level Gerardo is, so it actually covered most of your heads.

– Whoo!

– Whoo!

– Now I want you to just lift your hands and tell the Lord that however you need to think differently, this week you are willing to think differently. Now tell Him that. Tell Him out loud. All of you on the web because you’re tuned in. I don’t know if you can see that on the web, but when it went out, it’s going up through and onto you wherever you are out there.

– Whoo!

– Yeah!

– Now I want you to say “Lord, anything in my thinking process that needs to change about You.”

– “About anybody else.”

– “Or about me.”

– “Change it.”

– Now, Father, I loose new thoughts in Jesus’ name.

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