A New Hive for a New Harvest

Voices: Chuck Pierce, James Vincent, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: February 4, 2024

Robyn Vincent – So we came back from East Texas with something to present to the house. They sent a gift back. And when you are warring with a tribe and a troop, someone has something for you that you know not of. And so they sent something back for us to the house. Now this is a… No no no, you got it right. This is a staff. Come see Chuck. On the staff, it has the bees on the staff. The B-E-E-S, the bees, okay? And then in the staff, they actually have honey all through the staff. They put honey all through it. And so it’s so beautiful. But the Lord began to speak while we were there and he began to say, it’s going to take a new hive for a new harvest. It’s going to take a new hive for a new harvest, to bring new life, to bring new life into dark places. And so, God, we thank you, Lord, that you have given us the authority to break into new territory and to go into the darkness, knowing that we the authority of God to bring forth a new harvest.

Chuck Pierce – Now I want James to sing that over us. This is called a matach in Hebrew.

James Vincent – ♪ So Lord, you are causing our hearts ♪ ♪ To see how you’re moving in the midst of our own souls ♪ ♪ And collectively and corporately forming a new hive ♪ ♪ So that a new harvest can be formed in our midst ♪ ♪ Lord, as you send one out and you send another out ♪ ♪ And another, there is a great harvest ♪ ♪ Being gathered and brought in ♪ ♪ Lord, you are expanding the hive ♪ ♪ Expanding the hive, expanding the hive ♪ ♪ Expanding the harvest, expanding the hive ♪ ♪ Expanding the harvest, expanding the hive ♪ ♪ Expanding the harvest ♪

Chuck Pierce – Wow. Now in the word of God, honey represents the word of God, and bees represent those, He said, I’ll send the bees before you to stir up those enemies. It’s right there in Exodus 23. And Lord, we decree that we will expand in your Word and our honey will drip from us and our mouth over everybody we meet and see. And Father, they will taste the sweetness of who you are. And Father, we thank you for this representing the move forward. Lord, we loose that back to East Texas, to Carthage, to Longview, to Marshall, to Timpson, to Lufkin, Lord all the way. And we say, let a move of the Spirit fall on East Texas, and Lord let it rest on each one of us.

James Vincent – And I also, I want to decree that in East Texas, you know how Jesus said the harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few. And I wanted decree that in East Texas, there is an awakening coming.

– [Congregant] Come on.

James Vincent – And that the spirit of religion is losing its grip so that the laborers can be free to go and gather the harvest for His purpose, for His true purpose, and for the glory of His heavens and His name in that land, in Jesus’ name.

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