A New Intercessory Partnership With Lord Sabaoth

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce, Lisa Lyons
Date Given: August 14, 2021

Lisa Lyons – Lord Sabaoth is Lord of the armies of Heaven and Earth. And I hear Him saying the armies of Earth are not just My people, but even creation itself. For My word says that the good news was preached to all creation and creation heard, and creation is awakening. And it is not only the angelic hosts that I’m telling you to partner with, but there is a new grace and revelation to partner with creation itself because it is groaning to see your manifestation and to work with you in My kingdom purposes.

Chuck Pierce – I say the winds will work with you. I say the waves will work with you. I say the movements of the trees will work for you. I say the grounds will open up and begin to move. I say where fire is raging, I say let your fire rise up. We speak that into Oregon and Washington. We say, change and allow your fire to rise within that land, I say to you know, I will cause Earth to work with My people that I have given stewardship of My lands.

Anne Tate – And the Lord says that I am releasing intercessory calls, and intercessory anointings that have never been seen on the Earth before. You cannot look at the last generation and see how you’re to operate in them. The Lord Sabaoth will cause them to rise up, and you’ll speak or you’ll intercede. And it will be a new thing. Don’t expect to understand it. Just move in it and let it manifest through you. This is not a trained position. This is a granted position from the Lord.

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