A New Key to Unlock the Nations

Voices: Anne Tate, Jenny Watson, Jody Wood, Steve Watson
Date Given: September 16, 2023

Steve Watson – Jenny had a very strong sense that you should have a new key, but not any key. We wanted something again that was an antique, and our precious pastor couple David and Irene that found the antique anointing spoon for you, and had a goldsmith overlaid that with gold, they’ve found a key from the 1700s in Darbyshire in a manor house. And we’ve had this worked on, so Jenny.

Jenny Watson – So the Goldsmith gave us gloves and I said to the Lord this morning, I’m gonna feel really awkward giving Chuck some gloves to handle this. And the Lord said, “The gloves are not for Chuck, the gloves are for you.” Now anybody can handle this key, but the Lord said, because you can just shine it back up again, the Lord said this this morning, he said, “When you hand the Chuck, the key to Chuck, only his fingerprints will ever have been on it.” He said, “This has been purified in pure gold.” And his fingerprints, when his fingerprints are laid on it, there will be a transference from heaven of a new authority to open the new doors. The 1700s, Great Britain was formed in 1707.

Steve Watson – The great outpouring of the Moravian Revival was in 1727. It was a great message by Dutch yesterday. And then 1741, the Jonathan Edwards and the great awakening that took place then. And of course the Declaration of Independence in 1777. So there’s things linking our nations in that century.

Jenny Watson – And the the first edition of the Times Magazine media when Apostle Jane Hammond spoke this morning was in the 1700s. So this key is going to enable you to reach back into those ancient portals and unlock something for the new for every single one of us to receive your new anointing from heaven to earth.

Jody Wood – And Chuck, when I heard about this gift that was gonna be given to you yesterday, all night, the Lord had me awake, praying, and he reminded me of the keys you gave to the 13 Colonies about us reopening the right doors. And so when I finally went to sleep early, early this morning, I was having a vision, and it’s a very sort of funny vision, but the Lord was showing me the “Willy Wonka” movie and the golden tickets, and how those young people all wanted the golden ticket to go to the chocolate factory. Yet, Willy Wonka was trying to find the right person with the golden ticket to be the next generation of what was coming for that time. And so the Lord this morning said, Great Britain forged their empire, and then they became a commonwealth. We as the United States took our independence out of a spirit of rebellion and we put our ourself, took ourselves out from under a king and put ourself under the goddess spirit of liberty. And God is saying today, this key that nobody has touched from the beginning of the British Empire will realign Great Britain, the United States, into our original intent, because the right man has the right key to unlock us into our original destinies.

Anne Tate – Chuck, another thing that we discovered about the key is that it was in 1751 that they went to the Gregorian calendar, and the Hebrew calendar has not been meaningful in England. And this is a time when you’re gonna be able to unlock that so that the Hebrew time begins to be loosed the cycle of the years, and the months, and the Shabbats, and the feast are gonna be unlocked in that whole kingdom advance that we’re moving into.

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