A New Mantle of Glory for America and Korea

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: April 9, 2023

Chuck Pierce – This is very important for our nations. The first official war that America really lost was the Korean War. When you lose a war, it puts a reproach on you. And then remember, a nation divided. North and South Korea. God brought you here so we can together agree that the reproach that came from the 50s, would lift off of us. This is very important that the reproach that came on this, and I don’t know that we’ve ever really won a war since. We didn’t win Vietnam. See, a reproach will magnify from season to season to season, and you can’t say that what what we did in Iraq and Afghanistan and all of that, because we left and it’s back where it started times seven. Now hear, what I’m saying to you.

This is a very important solemn moment, because after we’ve had our first people here and the investment that all of you made to change the course of the nation, to have our first people honored under a kingdom platform to start as we cross over this season, that is huge. And the color guard that came in, notice they were Vietnam veterans. And let me say this to us, we have to understand, there comes a moment where the Lord says, “This is your moment. If you want to shift, I can shift you.” God brought this delegation here to put a new mantle and a new anointing on them, but He also brought them here so we all could take an old mantle of reproach off that has been passed on to our children and our children and our children’s children.

And we say the spirit of domination, the spirit of division and that reproach that came from Korea no longer will be able to rest upon God’s Korean people. We say this will be the beginning of huge changes between North and South Korea. And we decree the reproach that has rested down since 1951 on this land is now being lifted off. Give a shout. Now, extend your hands to them. I send you forth as glory bearers. You will go back in that nation and decree glory is now coming to rest upon that nation. In Jesus’ name I send you forth.

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