A New Rule is Coming to Latin America

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Daniel Arenas, Gerardo Ortega
Date Given: April 10, 2020

Gerardo Ortega – It is something very curious. When Shatece was speaking in tongues, I listened in Spanish. I’m passing by, I’m passing over. I’m crossing over Latin America. I am confronting all the system in Latin America, and I’m uncovering everything that has been hidden in Latin America, because a new rule is coming to Latin America. (speaking in Spanish – In the midst of chaos I am passing by I am passing over, I am crossing over Latin America, I am confronting all the systems in Latin America, I am uncovering things that have been hidden, because a new rule is coming and the church is coming into a new glory manifestation.)

Chuck Pierce – Shout amen!

Daniel Arenas – (speaking in Portuguese – Glory to God! Father I praise your name because you came to cross us over, you came and passed over! I declare that the Brazilian people, the Portuguese speaking people that extend to Africa, I praise your name cause you’re doing a new thing, a new movement. Get ready people from Brazil, Portuguese speaking people, for I am passing by and I am extending my hand and have no fear! Have no fear of being underwater for I am causing my anointing to reach your house, your family and you will walk on the waters! You will perform signs, wonders and miracles by the power of my blood, says the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.)

Chuck Pierce – We decree that the families of Brazil, the Portuguese family, Portugal, Brazil, the nations of that language will experience a new glory.

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