A New Strategy of Triumph for the States

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: February 4, 2024

Anne Tate – Every time I looked at this, I saw fetching a compass. And that is a word that’s out of the King James version in 2 Samuel 5 when David was told to go up again, but go around to by the mulberry tree. And so Vincent Van Gogh had painted several versions of the mulberry tree. But if you’ll notice down in the corner, Chuck, there’s a burning bush with a force from the mulberry tree that is going to it or coming from it. I don’t know which that is, but what I saw in this is that the forces, as you’re redemptively prophesying over each one of the states in a new measure that this happened after all of the tribes came together under David’s leadership. And when he began to go around by the mulberry tree, he began to represent and bring forth the allied forces, which is a term we used in World War II. When the forces began to align, we began to come over the enemy. And so in this season, as you’re pulling forth each redemptive state, prophetically that what they are known for and famous for by the Spirit of God, we will be a new force at the end than we were at the beginning.

– [Chuck Pierce] Whoa.

Chuck Pierce – So every state will come forth in a new manifestation of three generations and everything that has been spoken into them. Chuck Pierce – Wow. Decree this nation is going to burn again, burn with passion. Now the word of God says in 2 of Samuel 5 that when the Philistines heard of David’s new anointing, see, David was anointed three different times. Every time he was anointed, he would gain increase of territory. The promise that had been extended to him 17 years prior came into fullness. And the word of God says, “When the Philistines heard of his anointing, “they went to war against him.” Put your hand on somebody and say, “You’ll win this war that the enemies waging against you.” And the Lord told David, he said, “Don’t go back against them the same way “you have fought them in the past. “Wait till you hear the wind.” Tell somebody, “Listen for the wind coming.” When you hear the wind in the mulberry trees, go behind ’em and surprise ’em. You decree today, you will surprise your enemy. Father, we thank you for your strategy of triumph.

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