A Supernatural Root Is Awakening Inside the Body

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: March 27, 2021

Chuck Pierce- God is saying, I’m ready to unlock some things in your life from ten generations ago that I said that never got unlocked.” And if you’ll listen, if you’ll watch you will see Him moving supernaturally. This is a season. We must see the supernatural hand of God, and us not just trying to make our way. I decree right now a supernatural anointing. That’s what I see with the first people of this land. America, North America, Turtle Island. They were a supernatural people. And all you gotta do is look at the normal church setting of America, and they removed all the supernatural strength of the first people. Therefore, we don’t see it flowing through the church of this nation. I decree, right now, a return to a supernatural power and a supernatural awakening that we have never seen before.

There’s something about this Passover that you must embrace your full identity and who God made you. Some of you might say, “I don’t know what that is. I don’t even know where I come from.” He’s the Father of your spirit. He can show you everything you need to know, because it was Him who knit you together. And their supernatural actions in your life, this coming year, that I decree right now, you will not miss. You will not just walk in the natural. You will not just walk the same way you walked last season. This is what this represents. You will not, I decree God’s people are being shod this hour to walk in to this next season that you are called to walk into and walk over into. Lord I loose this anointing on everyone watching, on everyone listening. I decree right now, things they refused to walk in, they will now embrace and walk in. I decree right now, things that they have protected and over protected to keep from using the law of use will be activated in them. I decree right now that in this first moment there is an activation that needs to be activated down deep in the root. That’s what this season’s about. There’s a root in you that God says I want the very tentacle at the bottom of that root to come alive and cause you to awaken. I decree right now there is an awakening happening in your people now.

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