A Surprise Accomplishment Is Coming

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Lauren Awbrey
Date Given: January 15, 2023

Chuck Pierce – Now, this week after getting back from Korea and Amarillo, and just an intense week but I was honored by the Awbrey’s and the Rana’s. They went to a glass blowing course. And there in this course was, the guy that was teaching it had made a shofar. He didn’t even know what it was, and they explained it to him, and he… Here it is. Brian come up.

Lauren Awbrey – He called it a trumpet. He called it a trumpet, and he didn’t even know what it was called. He kept saying, “Yeah, I made a trumpet.” And I said, “This is a shofar. This is a shofar.” and he blew it. Woo!

Chuck Pierce – Now, I wanna tell you, sometime this year, God is gonna surprise you with something that you could not accomplish yourself. Turn and look at someone and say “He is bigger than you, He is better than you, and He can do something beyond you.” Now give a shout!

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