A Surprise Attack is Turning Into a Surprise Blessing

Voices: Keevy Phillips
Date Given: December 15, 2019

Keevy Phillips – As we take Communion today the Lord is even saying now, I have surprised the enemy from the surprise attack that he was planning on you this week. Know this day, that I am the Lord that surprises the enemy. This represents the last surprise. He tried to kill our Lord and savior, but he didn’t know that when he killed Jesus on that cross it was the ultimate trump card. This, we take in remembrance of Him, the ultimate trump card, the ultimate one, Jesus our Messiah, Lord of all.

The anointed one is here, and He’s here for you today. If you need Him to touch you physically, emotionally, financially, know that the ultimate trump card, Jesus Christ, the anointed one, is here for you today. Some of you by Wednesday, you’re gonna recognize that surprise attack that the enemy had for you, but know this day, that God has reversed it and surprise attack is turning into surprise blessing says the Lord. A surprise attack is turning into a surprise blessing. Take your Communion and know this day He has overcome and He is the final trump card says the Lord.

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