A Sweeping Grace is Coming to the Nations

Voices: Celestine Pierce, Chuck Pierce, Daniel Pierce
Date Given: March 29, 2020

Chuck Pierce – We speak to this virus, we say “Start bowing your head to the spirit of God.” We decree right now the spirit of God will come forth state by state in this nation. All of you out there decree His spirit is coming out in nation after nation, starting in Israel, starting in Israel, starting in Israel. We ask you right now, we say “Come forth with the spirit of God, let the spirit reign in the lands, it’s time for the spirit of God to come forth.”

Daniel Pierce – We just speak your grace to break the curse Lord right now. We plead your blood and we plead your grace over Israel right now Lord. That you would sweep through, that your spirit would rest so heavily on the nation Lord, and on the nations. That it would break this curse in this hour Father. We just thank you for that, we thank you for your blood and we thank you for your covering, and we just say there will be a sweeping grace this week.

Chuck Pierce – Lord we say begin with your first nation and work your way through the nations that are uttering your covenant and Father do a mighty work. Let’s sing this.

Celestine Pierce – Something that I told Valerie this morning before I left to come here was on the news, President Trump had said this will end by Easter and so I just wanna say I stand by that and I say and I declare that when it comes to Passover we stand with our nation, we stand with the President and we declare in our atmosphere that we are going to stand with you Trump, that we’re gonna stand and we’re gonna say, “This will passover at Passover.”

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