A Tidal Wave of Revival Is Coming

Voices: Dutch Sheets
Date Given: September 15, 2023

Dutch Sheets – Yeah, there’s a tidal wave of some shaking coming, but I tell you what, there’s a bigger tidal wave of revival coming.

– [Congregation] Yeah.

Dutch Sheets – And I’m not just talking about here. There is a bigger worldwide tsunami. It’s building steam right now. The earthquake needed to get it going is already rumbling in the deep places of the earth. The winds are already starting to blow and the tide is already rising and this thing is starting to gain momentum. Now, you watch the shaking of nations begin and it’s gonna get violent and it’s gonna be a struggle and it’s gonna be warfare in the spirit. I don’t know about the natural, maybe, but I can tell you this much, it will be supernatural and not only will it be demonically supernatural, it will be heavenly supernatural because He is determined to win this war in the heavens and rule the nations of the earth. He promised them to His son.

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