A Total Reorder of Body, Soul and Spirit

Voices: Venner Alston
Date Given: January 1, 2022

Venner Alston – But I began to hear the Lord speak to me. And He said this to me over and over as I was getting ready to come this morning, the Lord begin to say to me, say this to him. You are in the midst of a reorder. And you’ve been faithful in the mandate that God has given you. And as you’ve heard it, you walk that out in your life and in ministry. But the Lord said, “I’m gonna take you beyond what you even see.” And He said, “There’s a reordering that I’m doing, “not just in your ministry, “I’m doing it in your physical body.” He said “I’m reordering you.” He said, “I am resetting every system in your body.” He said, “From head to toe.” He said, “You are experiencing a reset. “And what the enemy meant for your heart,” He said, “now I’m gonna restore you.” And I just hear the Lord saying, “I’m adding length of days to you.” He said, “I’m adding length of days to you.” He said, “As I did for Hezekiah so I am doing for you.” He said, “Because you’ve been that instrument that has traveled “the nations of the earth when you felt like it “and when you didn’t feel like it, “you obeyed Me and you did what I said.” And the Lord said, “I have not forgotten.”

And He said, “I’ve pleased with your steps “and I’ve been pleased with your faith. “And you set your faith like flint. And you said, “I will not be moved away from what the Lord has said.” And the Lord said, “Now watch.” He said, “I’m starting in your heart structure.” And He said, “From that place, the center of your being,” He said, “I’m gonna reset every system, “your respiration, your digesting, your skeletal frame. “I’m resetting your brain, I’m resetting it all now,” says the spirit of the living God. “I send that to you right where you are. “I impart health, healing, and wholeness over you. “And I command every infirmity to loose you “and let you go.” Come on, let’s stand on our feet and thank God for the word over this vessel. Oh. I can see your next 10 years. And I see the things that you’re still waiting for. And there are some things that you’re asking God for and it has been resonating in your heart. And there are times that you’ve even wept over it. And the Lord says, “I heard you the first time you asked Me “and I have not forgotten.” He said, “I am the faithful father.” He said, “And I am going to do it. “Watch your next 10-year cycle.” This is going to be an amazing 10 years in your life. I prophesy it by the spirit of the living God.

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