A Tunneling Sound Will Bring Restoration

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Penny Jackson, Shatece McLeod, Venner Alston
Date Given: May 26, 2023

Shatece McLeod – Speaking in the Spirit

Chuck Pierce – And I would say to you, how you’ve been pirated in the past season. I will cause you to find the booty that was taken from you, in this season. The Lord says, I am preparing a big haul for you to bring in. And I am going to give you the sound that is necessary that will lead you to the treasure. I say, this will be a season of divine sound that causes you to hear your way toward the supply. And I say, what you couldn’t pull up, you will pull up this season. And what you couldn’t open up, you will open up this season. And I say, the enemy will think he is drunk, because he has made you feel off-kilter for several months. But I say to you, you will find firm footing and draw in the treasure that has been taken.

Keevy Phillips – And the Lord would say to you, that this is an hour where you must tunnel underneath what has been hidden from you. And the Lord says, as you begin to release your sound, the Lord says, you will begin to tunnel, you will begin to dig again, says the Lord. And the Lord says, you will find what has been hidden. You will find not only the hidden treasures, but you’ll hide the, find the hidden controls that have been blocking the supply line, says the Spirit of the Lord. The Lord says, pick up your instrument again, and dig the tunnels for you will uncover. You will recover, and you shall restore, says the Spirit of the Lord.

Penny Jackson – And everywhere you look, it will come towards you. Everywhere you turn your head, everywhere you look, it will come towards you. It will come from places you don’t expect. It will come in quantities you can’t even imagine. It will overtake you

Venner Alston – For there has even been that enemy that has celebrated prematurely. Prematurely. For your enemy thought that you were done, that you were finished, but I hear the Lord say, there’s a new sound coming up out of you now. It is a sound of conquest. It is a sound of victory. Didn’t I say that you would need to be connected to the frequency of heaven? And He says, now I am retuning you. I see a supernatural tuning fork. The Lord says, I’m retuning you. I’m refining you. I’m re firing you because I created you for the wind to blow out of you, for the fire to be released through you. So your enemy celebrated prematurely. But I say to you, it is your victory moment. It is your moment of conquest. Celebrate, Zion.

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