A War to Pursue and Recover All

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: November 11, 2021

Chuck Pierce – And then the fourth thing He said and this was really, what really almost, I had to grab hold. He said, are you ready to go to war in spring? Now I want you to write that down. And because only the Spirit of God could ask me that this morning. So I’m not here just to say the warfare is intensifying. I do see great conflicts coming this spring and we’ve been prepared for those conflicts. And with that, that was when kings went to war and then the Lord added this. He said, “I will review the kings and leaders of the Earth come spring.” He said, “You will see nations shake because of their leadership shifting.” Now I know nations, I pray for nations, but come spring, nations will change. Now in all of the process we’ve been through since two or three years ago, when we started approaching America’s change, that was the first time I really felt like come this spring, we will start seeing drastic changes in how the leadership of this land rises up and I don’t mean the president. I mean, all of a sudden you’re going to see leaders rising up and confronting leaders and it will be an incredible, incredible time. You won’t have to watch movies. I loved what Amber said on the way over here. She said, “You know, watching the news on TV, it’s like, we’ve been caught. We all went to the movie and we’d been caught. It was a bad movie and they wouldn’t let us out.” And we are going to be in for very exciting times come spring.

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