A Week of Divine Reminders

Voices: Amber Pierce, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: November 14, 2021

Chuck Pierce – And I say watch this week, for there will be a moment that I remind you of how I have brought you out, to bring you in. I say watch, for My reminder will come down and explode within you. And you will see how I have walked with you through floods and fires, and brought you to the moment that I’m calling you. I say, know This will be a week of divine reminding you of how I am with you to lead you in and guide you into the days ahead.

Amber Pierce – And the Lord would would say to you, I am shaking and I am breaking, and I am taking the distractions off of your mind that have confined you from even being able to worship Me, says God. He says, there are all these things that have come in a form that you think your passion’s burning for those things. And they look religious, and they look good, but they’re distractions that are keeping you from worshiping Me, from even knowing Me. Anything that keeps you from wanting to know Him, that’s a distraction. That is not good. I can’t tell you to how many people have contacted me about trying to get a perfect red heifer to rebuild the Third Temple. That might sound good, but, I don’t want to make any other sacrifice. I don’t want to sacrifice an animal. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice. He finished the work. And I saw something about how they needed a cow to purify the death of Jesus. Well, He rose from the dead. He doesn’t need to be purified from death. He overcame death. He’s alive. He’s alive. So for right now we say, Father, we are breaking the distractions. We’re breaking every distraction that comes in the form of godliness, but a lack thereof, and Father, we say we will worship You in spirit. And in truth.

Chuck Pierce – Now put your hand on somebody and decree right now, they will hear their reminder and not be distracted this week. They won’t let petty things, little foxes. They won’t let those things that come in to unsettle their spirit man. I decree and I bind the ability for distractions to keep us from seeing the moment.

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