A Week of Explosions

Voices: Keevy Phillips
Date Given: February 12, 2023

Keevy Phillips – And the Lord would say to you, “I visited you this morning the way I did because this is a week of explosions.” And the Lord says that, “I have set this message and this worship in time to go before you as you go through this week of explosions.” The Lord says, “You must stay in the Spirit this week.” “Remember Lot’s wife,” says the Lord. And the Lord says, “As you are walking through this week, each individual will have to respond and answer to how I’m calling them to walk in the Spirit.” “Otherwise, the explosion will get you,” says the Spirit of the Lord. The Lord says, “This is the week to stay in the Spirit or you will deal with the explosion that the enemy is sending.” “But I’ve already prayed you through, if you will stay with Me in the Spirit,” says the Lord.

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