A Window of Healing for Organizational Leaders

Voices: Venner Alston
Date Given: September 15, 2023

Venner Alston – The Lord started speaking to me about people that identify as ministry leaders or senior pastors, and there is a sense of rejection and brokenness because people walked off and left your ministry. And it has created a bitterness in your heart. Some of you sent a curse behind them and said, “You’ll never prosper because you left my ministry.” You said that out of your brokenness. And I heard the Lord say don’t leave you unidentified in this space. Whether you are in this room or whether you are on the web, especially, I hear this post COVID because so many people didn’t come back to your gatherings and you kind of found out that they went to the next latest and greatest thing in the city, and you feel betrayed, you feel broken and you feel wounded. The Lord said to tell you that this wave of repentance and forgiveness is for you. Do not disconnect yourself from it and say it’s for someone else. The Lord said, “I had them to present the way they did to be as transparent as they were,” because the Lord says, “I’m reaching into your heart.” He said, “And I am dealing with the stuff that is behind your heart.” So I just want you to put your hand over your heart right now, especially those of you leading organizations, you identify as senior pastors. There’s a word of healing that is in this room right now and I speak to the places of your brokenness, I speak to the places of your torment and even what you have that sense of betrayal that has created a bitterness and an anger. See unforgiveness, when we don’t forgive, it creates a root of bitterness. And I hear the Lord say, “Lay it all down. Lay it all down.” He said, “They walked away.” He said, “Some of them had to walk away. Some environments were toxic and they had to walk away.” And the Lord said, “If I sent people the first time, I’ll send them the second time.” He said, “But it’s a time for you to look to me and not look to people.” So Father, I ask that you would heal us in all of the broken places of our soul, those that are in the front, we are the ones that take the first arrows. We are the ones that take the first blows. Now, God, I send the wave of healing over every individual in this room, whether they are in the traditional place or they are in the marketplace. You are building something and people that you trained, they got up and left your organization, took your idea and went someplace else to do it. The Lord said, “I will still prosper you. I will still prosper you.” And so I just release healing over all of us, every one of us in this room and in the virtual space in Jesus’s name.

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