Aligning With a Portal for Harvest

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: November 10, 2019

LeAnn Squier – So I feel like the Lord is just showing me, He’s positioning us underneath a portal for harvest. And, when I say this, there’s a grace of Holy Spirit coming off of the words, “mercy triumphs over judgment.” And if you’re going to enter into a harvest field, of human beings anyway, you’re gonna have to carry that in your garment. “Mercy triumphs over all judgment.” And I saw the Lord He was like, aligning us correctly, underneath a portal by His spirit. ‘Cause you know what? You can do a lot of things but if you wanna be successful, get under the portal, of God. Get under the spout where the glory is coming out, right? And so He’s aligning us under a portal, of mercy over judgment. Mercy over judgment and it’s a portal of grace and I believe He just showed me, when He gets us rightly aligned, we’re gonna have, glittering garments that we are wearing in the spirit. People are gonna be seeing and drawn, to something that is so crystal and so pure and so translucent. And so glorious, and so kind and so full of good fruits. And so full of joy and so full of love, and so full of peace, that people are gonna be irresistibly drawn to us because we are positioned correctly. Just right now, just look up over your head in the spirit, and just, say “Lord I want to align, with that portal for harvest. So get me aligned properly, with Holy Spirit, exhibiting the fruit and the power and the gifts of Holy Spirit. The fruit and the power and the gifts. The fruit and the power and the gifts,” just say it. “The fruit and the power and the gifts of Holy Spirit and align me under, the portal of harvest.”

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