Arise and Shout to Clear Your Atmosphere

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Linda Heidler, Michelle Hadley
Date Given: May 2, 2021

Michelle Hadley – Speaking in the Spirit

Chuck Pierce – And I say, you’ve been seeking me through the bubbles of your confusion. And I say, you have looked through and you’ve said I can’t see completely clear about that which is causing a flurry around me. But I say to you, arise and shine for your light is rising up within you. And all of that around you, that is bringing that confusion will now start popping one by one.

Linda Heidler – There is a sound and there is a shout that will clear the air, and just what Chuck said, and I’ve felt it since Michelle started singing and it’s like there’s a difference in the kind of shout you release when your team made a touch down and the kind of shout you release when they’ve won the Super Bowl. And God is saying, “Shout now, like you’ve already won!” You have already won the victory! Shout that shout of victory!

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