Big Change Is Coming

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: October 15, 2023

Anne Tate – This was given to me several weeks ago and they’re coins, they’re US coins, but they’re huge. They were a symbol and they wanted me to take them to Washington DC. And this morning the Lord spoke to me and told me to bring them for first fruits here. He said, “I am the God of provision and I don’t care what currency it.” He doesn’t have to use our currency to provide for us. He’s the God of provision, which is over all of that. And the Lord says that, “This is change, that change is coming.” But he said, I am –

Chuck Pierce – Big change. Everybody say big change.

Anne Tate – Big change. And when Chuck asked us to read the book, “Time to Prosper,” this month, I did that. And I’ve been praying into change in our currency. Not advocating for anything except for us to be in right position with the Lord. And however that has to happen is however that happens. And however the Lord brings kingdom, He has a currency for His kingdom. And so I’ve been praying in that since Passover with other people. So this is the season that we’re bringing forth what God wants, and we will not fear what form it takes or how He does it, because He is the God of our provision who always causes us to prosper in the desert or in the valley, on the mountain or in the in the water. He always causes us to prosper and bring forth what is on His heart.

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