Bone Structures Are Being Liberated From Occult Structures

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: October 18, 2020

Chuck Pierce – The spirit of God told me, there is occult structures that’s trying to cover some of your bone structures, that’s trying to go through your blood. That’s why an occult test is called a hidden occult test. Right now the Lord said, address that spirit of occult from three generations back, and tell it to come out of your bones in Jesus name wherever it is. Breathe it out, tell it to leave. Open those doors back there, tell that occult structure it has to leave your body.

The Lord just said take communion the next three days, the next three days at noon. You take communion and you decree that that strategy of hell that has been set against you at noon, will not be able to work in you. And the Lord just said, you tell some of them out there. Some of you are saying, well I don’t know of any occult in my bloodline. You don’t know which Aunt played with the Ouija board, you don’t know what curse got passed on through that blood barrier. You decree it right now, tell it to come out of your bone structure.

The Lord just said that some of you would do this, a spirit of murder that is causing you, it’s not manifesting as murder now, it’s manifesting as division and contention. The Lord said that if you’ll do this, that spirit of murder, that’s been in your blood will come out of your bones. Tell the enemy to pull his hand back, say pull your hand out of my blood. That’s what this month is about its where he’s gotten an upper hand in the past, you tell him this month, take it away. Take it away, you’re coming, you’re letting go of that place you’ve got a hold of. Don’t agree with that. Don’t agree with it. Don’t agree with poverty. Don’t agree with infirmity. Don’t agree, religion is what makes you agree with it. Break the tie of it right now. I don’t mind looking like a crazy person up here, God said I want my people free.

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