Break Agreement With How You See

Voices: Melinda Richardson
Date Given: October 28, 2018

– [Melinda Richardson] – Daniel seven 22 says, “Until the ancient of days came and judgment was passed in favor of the saints of the most high God. And the time arrived when the saints, believers took possession of the kingdom.” I hear the Lord saying that that power that Maggie’s about to go into and take us to, that’s what we have to see. That’s how we have to move. That’s breaking the familiar. The world in circumstances. Situations are in such a chaos that the Lord is saying, let me show you how to navigate. While you walk through this let me show you how to navigate above it. So I hear today the Lord saying, break agreement with how you see. I don’t want you to see from here He’s saying, I need you to see and move from here. I need you to move with kingdom perspective in this season. Saints, this is our finest hour. I hear the Lord saying, who will you agree with? Who will you agree with in this season? Kingdom will rule, it’s a promise from the most high God. So readjust your sights, I hear Him say. Recalibrate your circumstances or your mindset to the circumstances and rise above it. Kingdom rules in this season. Until we’re in a time of until the ancient of days was seated, then believers. How many in here are believers? Oh yeah, everybody should have raised their hand. You’re a believer of the most high God. Our God is so powerful. Our limited minds in this earth cannot begin to comprehend what He wants to do. When I was standing there I heard clearly, saints, kingdom ambassadors this can be your finest hour. I need you to remove the distractions. Remove the things that are causing you to stay limited in this earth realm and be who I’ve called you to be. Be the powerful ones that I placed my anointing in you to move, not just in church. We break the portion of non-expectation in this season and we say God we arise with You. We arise in You with spirit and in truth. Your worship and all these years of serving this master now come to a head. Move with Him because He is powerful. Man’s portion is limit, but you serve a God who’s limitless. Marty with the piece of familiarity, you know I shared that with you. God said that about eight months ago. He’s warned us in this very sanctuary, over and over and over again to break the spirit of familiarity. When you are on an adventure, you have to break it because there’s nothing familiar there. You have to trust this God that you’re confessing, that you’re believing in. So kingdom rulers, kingdom ambassadors arise and let God be glorified in this earth. Make your choice today who it is that you believe in. Who it is that you wanna move forward with because the ancient of days is seated and we are who He has to work with on the earth. So be thou glorified in the earth, oh God. Kingdom be displayed in this hour, in Jesus name.

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