Break Out of A Spirit Pressing You Like A Mold

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: January 28, 2018

  • Leann Squier

This week, I saw that the most interesting sight and it was something that was super imposed on someone. And it was like a turtle, like a turtle. I just saw them with this pressed over them almost like a mold and I couldn’t believe it. I kind of shook it off and looked and I was like, I don’t know how to say this ’cause it didn’t sound really flattering but this is what I see. And I said, what it’s doing this spirit This way of thinking is causing you to crawl very slowly on the ground and duck your head in out of fear and protection, self protection but you’re living on a level that God has never, ever intended you to live on. And a little bit later had happened to be watching some videos and I kid you not. There were things in graphics about turtles that came up just five minutes later. And we looked and we were like, Oh, that is, that’s interesting. That is the Lord. So what I began to see is, you know, God has called you to soar. He’s called you out of the realm of earth and the dust, you know, it’s part of the curse to, you know, make your living in this sweat of your brow and in the face in the dust. Unless you’re a gardener like Pam and that is the exception. That’s the one beautiful exception. But it’s like God is calling you to live where he intended you to live. In the spirit. In the realm of the miraculous. In the realm of heaven. Ascended as a human being and as the representation of what he created human beings to be. So just as we sing this, just, you know, let go of your former ways of living, of worry, of toil, and ask the Lord to show you your sunshine and your life is a daughter of God, of Royal priesthood. A Holy nation set apart to him. You know, set apart for revelation. Set apart for demonstration and manifestation of the kingdom. It’s hard to represent kingdom when you’re crawling on the dirt very, very slowly. And I wanna say the earth realm is a slow-realm-people, it’s a slow realm. And as you ascend, the Lord showed me that the heavens, his kingdom realm is like a virtual reality realm. It is instantaneous. It’s like the flash of lightning. It starts over here and it goes over there in an instant. So He’s gonna speed you up and accelerate you. But you got to come on up, come on up three levels, You know, ground level, second heaven, come on up to the third level, come on up to the kingdom realm. Come on up to the throne of God. Spend time with Him and see who you really are.

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