Break the Codes of Conformity

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: July 18, 2021

Chuck Pierce – And I say to you, I’m bringing vials of oil to you. These are new anointings that you’ve never experienced. I say peace is coming to you. Peace is coming to you. In the midst of that which is surrounding you, peace is being brought to you. This will be a time where you break the code of the enemy that’s been coded within you. I say, I have new codes that will produce your wholeness. So I say, break the code so that the oil can pour out of you, sayeth the Lord. I will pour in the oil, break the code within your soul, that will allow the oil to pour out. For the enemy has coded in codes of conformity within you. And I say it is those codes that I’m attempting to break. I say, as they break, transformation oil will pour from you, and those things you’ve been crying out for will be transformed. The enemy’s codes of conformity cannot stop My anointing of transformation. So break the codes of conformity.

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