Break the Queue Mindset

Voices: Norma Urrabazo
Date Given: September 15, 2023

Norma Urrabazo – Just a few nights ago, I couldn’t rest and I got up and moved into a different room because it was after midnight. And I saw, like, I started seeking the Lord and asking him, “What are you trying to tell me?” And as I was just meditating, I just saw it, like I closed my eyes, and I saw this line. It was like a long line, like, you know when you have to go to DMV or something and there’s this long line? And so I’m like, okay, I see this line. And I said, “Lord, what?” And the Lord said, “Sometimes people are content to stay at the back of the line. But I’m calling them to come to the front of the line.” And the Lord said, “With me, you’re all at the front of the line.” And so I’m like, “I got that, Lord.” And the Lord was like, “I’m breaking the spirit of poverty, that poverty mindset that makes people think that they have to stay in the queue, in the line, in the back, and that they, for whatever reason, they haven’t stepped up because they’re waiting on something.” But the Lord is saying, “I’m waiting on you.” And so I just, in all this, I’m hearing the Lord say is don’t longer compare and don’t longer look this way or look that way. “Look to me, keep your eyes focused on me and look at what I have to give you because I’m seeing you. And I’m seeing all the greatness that’s coming out of you. I see the sword that’s in your hand that’s strong, that’s cutting through any steel that’s in front of you.” So right now, Lord, Father, you’re breaking off that spirit of poverty. And we say, “No more,” as we walk through that door, as we walk through that gate, you’re releasing fresh oil upon your sons and daughters. And right now, Lord, we step to the front of the queue because you are standing there, waiting for us to pour your oil upon us, to drench us with your spirit, to drench us with your anointing, that will take us not only through the gate, but into the next season.

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