Break up the Land and Open the Floodgates

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce, John Dickson, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: December 4, 2022

Chuck Pierce – I saw this land and it was compacted. The dirt had been compacted and it was all sorts of seeds, but the land was hard. And you know, that’s what happens to our land. Land in the word of God is also linked with our hearts and our minds. The cares of the world gets it compacted. The things that we go through in the circumstances get it compacted. I want to decree that the Lord is cracking it up today. Father, we say, break up the land, break up the land, break up the land, break it up, break up the hardness, break up the land, and bring forth new crops.

John Dickson – My dad worked in Saudi Arabia for several years and it’s nothing but hot sand and desert and everything he said, but every once in a while, it would rain. And when it did, the desert bloomed because there were seeds all in that sand and they were all compacted down into that sand. But just a little bit of rain, they would all bloom. And Lord, we ask that Holy Spirit begin to come down and rain on those compacted areas, Lord God. It doesn’t matter how long the seeds have been laying in that sand, it doesn’t matter how compacted it is, the Holy Spirit can breathe on it and bring forth new life. Hallelujah.

LeAnn Squier – I hear the Lord saying to us, “You’ve prayed this to me. You sung this to me to open the floodgate but now the Lord says, I’m asking you, will you open the floodgates of heaven? Will you open the floodgates? Will you allow it to rain on the land? Will you open up full, fully open up your heart, open up your spirit. Will you be generous? Will you pour out? Will you open the floodgates of heaven, so the earth can drink, so the earth can bloom, so the earth can be harvested, so the earth can be fruitful? Will you open the floodgates?”

Anne Tate – For the Lord says “I’m sending you out this week as rainmakers and the rain that I send inside of you as you let Me penetrate your fallow ground, you will carry to others. You’ll be a quickening agent for the seeds.” And so, Lord, we throw open the floodgates of heaven that keep us constrained and restrained. And Lord, send us into every dry place that you have for us to address this week and let the rains come. Let us speak out of the abundance of rain that you rain down on us day after day after day and week after week after week. Let us be rainmakers Lord and release the rains to others.

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