Breaking the Power of the Misfire

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Daniel Pierce
Date Given: February 20, 2022

Daniel Pierce – So I had a dream the night before last, and I shared with dad and he said he felt like it was key for this time. So he wanted me to share it here this morning. And in the dream, I was in a tower and it was in a war zone somewhere in the world. And this tower was like, unfinished, the cement and everything was unpainted, and it was an older building. And inside, there were two separate forces inside the building. There was an American force and a Russian force. And I knew in the dream that normally we were enemies, or we were at odds with each other, but in this dream, we were working together on one specific project, which was to take out a high-value target that was there in the city.

And so there was a sniper on the bottom floor that was American. And there was a sniper on the top floor that was Russian. And I was positioned with the Russian sniper and the decision had been made that the American sniper on the bottom of the building was gonna take the shot when this guy appeared. And so, we waited a little while and then I heard a shot, but it sounded like a misfire, like there was something wrong with the sound, and we knew something had gone wrong. And after that, all of the Russian soldiers began to turn on the American soldiers that were inside the building. And as they reached and started to pull their guns, we started to fight with them because we had been disarmed beforehand, and had to get ahold of ’em before they pulled guns on us. So the last thing I remember in the dream was the soldier next to me reached and started to pull a handgun and I grabbed to stop him. And then I woke up.

Chuck Pierce – Now, we have to understand that things are changing greatly worldwide. You know, nobody is less doom-and-gloom prophet than I, I’m not that. But if we don’t understand that God said in November, “Watch, because war will be manifesting by April.” We will be confused if we’re not aware about it. I have written books since the ’80s about various situations like this. And now, they’re starting to manifest. Some of you on the web, I know you’re new with us, you probably wanna read “The Future War of the Church” series. We’ll put it up for you. We’ll do a special this week on “Future War of the Church,” “God’s Unfolding Battle Plan,” and “A Time to Triumph,” and then “Passover Prophecies,” which takes us all the way through 2026. This dream is a clear warning that we are in a place where Russia is establishing themselves at a higher place. It’s gonna create a misfire in something we’re going to do. And when that happens, they’re going to take charge in ways that we must be aware of.

Now, I want you to lift your hands. We’re gonna break this power, wherever you’re out there, you need to know this thing with the Ukraine is not what it all appears to be. You need to understand we are coming into different times. You need to be excited because the Lord’s already told us this morning, “You can praise me in to inhabit your place, and cause everyone around you to see you.” This is a time we must be aligned. We must be ready. We must watch Israel. And we must know this is a bigger thing going on that could lead to a trap. Now, Father, we submit this up. You say the nations are nothing more than a drop in the bucket to you. And Father, we say, “You’re going to see and favor.” You also told me this morning out of Isaiah 54, “No weapon formed against you will prosper. No word that is being spoken will be able to create shame in you.” I speak that over every one of us here. I say, “Every weapon that’s forming us, against us, is going to be dismantled in Jesus’ name.”

Daniel Pierce – Amen, Lord, and You know every fiery dart that the enemy has shot at us. You know every deal and every instance that we’ve entered into and those that are traps, Lord, You hold the keys to. So we just declare right now, Lord, that whatever the United States has entered into in the nations, Lord, would just be unlocked right now. It would be revealed, Lord, for what it is, that any secrets, any hidden things in any dark places that are not of You, that the power of those things would be broken right now, Lord. That any witchcraft that’s gotten in among the nations would be broken right now, Lord. And even as we stand on the doorstep of warfare, Lord, and we know that You hold the keys, Father, and we just thank You for that. And we pray that You reveal those things to us in Jesus’ name.

Chuck Pierce – Now, Father, I plead the blood of Jesus over every one of us. I thank God for the bloodline that is forming over us. I thank You that we will triumph. Everybody shout triumph. Everybody shout triumph. Put your hand on somebody. And decree, “You are an overcomer. You’ll know what God’s doing before the enemy knows.” Psalms 94 says that we will out wit the enemy. Shout, “We are out witting the enemy.”

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