Bring Forth the Apostolic Worship

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce, James Vincent, Keevy Phillips, Michelle Hadley
Date Given: September 25, 2022

Chuck Pierce – Now I’m gonna send James forth demonstrating. You don’t walk in under, you walk in from above. And he’s going to sing what he’s bringing down level by level outta heaven into the Earth’s atmosphere. This is what it really looks like. We send him from the abiding place back in to walk in the Earth realm.

Keevy Phillips – James. James. James I have a word for you. And the Lord says, as you go forth and you go up high the Lord’s gonna show you how the old guard and the old churches in the old church system has colonized My sound and colonized My people. Because the imperial powers use the church to colonize different lands and perverted My gospel. But as you go out, and as you go forth, you will unlock the true sounds of the land. And the Lord says “As you go out and go forth, you are taking a vision that you have never had.” He’s giving you eagle’s eye vision to unlock that colonized sound and you will set many people free. As you go forth, know that you are one that’s going to be a liberator in days ahead. We send you forth in Jesus’ name.

Anne Tate – James, the Lord says, “Assume the position of the point of the plow as you go forth.”

Chuck Pierce – All right?

Michelle Hadley – And also, James, I hear the Lord say that thrones in these lands where God is gonna send you, they’re gonna be dismantled in a way that they will never be resurrected again. And God also said that the sound of your voice, you won’t even have to speak to it, you’re gonna sing every principality, every power, every spirit of darkness in heavenly and lowly places down in Jesus name. James Vincent – Before I do what Chuck has directed me to do everybody who is a singer, raise your hand. Just raise your hand.

Chuck Pierce – All right.

James Vincent – We are all doing this together. Now, this is for everyone. But I just want

Chuck Pierce – All of you on the web do what he says. Identify yourself.

James Vincent – Again, this is for everyone, whether you’re a singer or not, but the words that have come forth just now over me these are for you as well. These are for you as well. We’re doing this together. I’m representing all of us because we have to understand that we are not just here to lead nice songs at worship time. And then, you know, go about your day, go about your week. There is a blessing from… Why do you think you’re able to sing? So I can just say, “Wow, you sing so pretty. That was an awesome time. Wow, that was wonderful.” No, that is a gift from heaven. Do you know that there’s songs and sounds happening around the throne all the time. For you to be able to bring those forth in the Earth realm you hold something that is dear to the throne room of Heaven. So do not leave that locked up in a small space. That small space is very important. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not diminishing that small space. But you are also for beyond that space. So we’re doing this together.

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