Chicago Is a Gateway to Healing

Voices: Becky Shaulis, Marty Cassady
Date Given: May 13, 2020

Marty Cassady- You know, in a heard of buffalo, you can’t stop. I mean when they come at you, they are gonna get what they need. I saw a heard of buffalo, running through those empty streets in Chicago. And the Lord says, “You in Illinois, “you stand up, and you begin to decree, “that the buffalo are opening the doors “to your city and your state.” Keevy Phillips – I see the Angel of the Lord troubling Lake Michigan. It’s right there on the pier. And there’s a resistance in Chicago of the Angel of the Lord, but the Lord is saying now, “Help is on the way, Chicago. “Let the Remnant of God, rise in Chicago. “I am troubling the waters of Lake Michigan. “The waters are stirring, “the waters of healing are stirring in Lake Michigan.” Know this day, God is coming to visit Chicago, to deal with gangs, to deal with poverty, says the Lord, “I am the God “and I am not the God of slaves, “I am the God of free people. “Start thinking like a free person.”

Becky Shaulis- As Keevy was prophesying to Chicago, God kind of caught me up, and this is new, I’ve never had this happen. And I saw a map of the Great Lakes, not just Lake Michigan, but the Great Lakes, the whole region. And I saw a gate with a door that was locked over Chicago, with a key hanging in the air. And God is waiting for the Remnant in Chicago to unlock that gate, so that the healing that starts in Lake Michigan can travel up Lake Michigan, go through the Straits of Mackinac, go down Lake Huron, go up to Lake Superior, touch Canada, and heal Detroit, and continue on through Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, to touch Ohio, and New York, and New Hampshire, and Vermont, and Maine. It’s Chicago, Illinois, you are the key. We are waiting for you. Michigan, Ohio, New York, they are waiting for you to stand up and unlock the door, so the healing can come, and not just the physical healing, but the financial healing, and the healing of the lands, and the healing of the lakes. Stand up, take your authority.

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