Claim Your Inheritance of My Fullness

Voices: Norma Urrabazo
Date Given: January 8, 2023

Norma Urrabazo – This is the word that I heard as we were gathering in worship this morning. And the Lord was releasing just an overflow and abundance of His presence as we were worshiping. And the Lord says, “It’s time, it’s time to grab it all. It’s time that you walk in the fullness of the abundance that I’ve released over you.” Don’t be so polite that you leave behind any blessings. It’s time to pull. There is a time to pull at the hem of His garment but now is the time where you will walk with His garment among you. You are a son and a daughter, and this is your inheritance. We keep saying that we are in a new season but the Lord says it is a new season and you are going from crying to courage.

You are going from any kind of deception and distraction to walking in a season of deliverance and walking in freedom from any of last season’s residue. So dust it off right now and go from fear to the front line. The Holy Spirit will define you. Allow Him to sharpen and fill any area of your life. And the Lord says “You’re going from a season of empty to a season of full.” To where you will live in a season of fullness, just like you see the gauge in a gas tank that goes from, you know, one level to another. The Lord says, “Expect to live in the fullness of everything I have for you every day of this year.” So declare that 2023 is a year of fullness over your life, over your sons and daughters, over your businesses and ministries, over every area of ministry that you are stepping into. And look at your family and your business and your place as a place of ministry and as a place of fullness. And the Lord says “He will dust off any dullness and shine you up.” So get ready because it is your time to shine and walk in the inheritance.

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