Clean Out the Pond

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Peni Patu
Date Given: July 31, 2022

Peni Patu – The Scripture says, “Give me your burden, I’ll give you all mine, because mine is lighter.” And I felt this morning that some of you came in with heavy laden, uh, burden. Your heavenly Father sees you right through. He understand you like nobody else can. He knows your struggle. He knows your pain. He say to you this morning, “Come, give Me your burdens, I’ll give you Mine, ’cause Mine is lighter.” He went through the same thing you went through. He was lonely on the cross when nobody cared. Hanging half-naked, because He loves you. The blood that drips from His body, He wants to wash you away. I have dialysis three days a week, 2 1/2 hours every day. And I was sitting on a dialysis one morning, and I saw my blood came from my body to the machine and come back to my body clean. And the Lord spoke to me very clearly, “Let Me clean you. Let Me clean your blood, so you can have a fresh one. The blood you carry for so long is becoming poison to your body. Let Me run through and clean your blood.” That’s what the Lord is saying to you this morning, “Allow Me to clean your blood.” In Samoan would say (Speaking in Samoan)

Chuck Pierce – Whoa, give a shout. Now, I want us to hear what’s coming forth right now. God is doing a whole new thing with us and it’s very important that we see it. This morning, when at six o’clock this morning, there’d been an accident, the service was totally knocked out, and we prayed and we waited and Penny and her team came up and Justin and I and Brian began to talk and Simon over what to do. We have to be prepared in days ahead to move with him. We have to be communicating in new ways with him. This is exactly, it was a warning all week, God began to warn me.

So Thursday, I just went and spent time with Him. Daniel and Pam on Wednesday, Daniel Pierce and Pam, they were out by the lake. And the lake was just over here the slush pond over here. And it was just down to nothing. The drought. And so filthy. They both looked at me and said, “Are you gonna clean the lake?” And I said, “Well, I’ve got enough on my plate right now without worrying about digging a lake out.” And so I was spending time with the Lord, Aaron and I left on Thursday, and I was spending time with the Lord. And when I awakened on Friday morning, the Lord said, “Clean out the pond.” And I’m gonna say it again the way He said it, because it’s the same thing Peni Patu just said. He said, “Clean out the pond.” What Peni was saying is in dialysis, they take all the blood out, and then they refilter it and put it back in.

The Lord said, “Clean out the pond.” So I immediately got up and called Zane and Terry Beachin from Oklahoma, because that’s the business he has. You guys wave your hands up, it’s just awesome. And they met us down here yesterday. Now, I wanna say to you, God is saying, “Clean out the pond.” Put your hand on somebody and say, I think you’re gonna have to get this down deep in your pond. Now, listen up, ’cause this is very, very important for you. Before we move to this place, knowing we had, I had to find a place for us to worship for our future. God gave me a dream and in the dream was a piece of land with a pond on it, and around that pond, we had cleaned it and we had built this trail. I published that several times that vision, no, it wasn’t a vision, it was a dream. And we had things from our past. Penny Kay’s saddle that she had as a little girl was in the case built into the walk. We had things from the present, we were at Woodhill Square. And then there were things from the future, but there were also snakes. And there was a ruling snake with seven heads, and I don’t wanna go into that.

But when I awakened, the Lord said, “That is your new place and your new path for the future,” we’ve been singing about paths. So I recorded it and then we ended up out here, after I send a team out here, and after we moved out here, and when Pam, we went out to look at the desolation that was here, and the Lord said, “Plant a garden.” I looked over and there was the piece of land, and the pond that God had shown me in that dream. It was owned by somebody else. And supernaturally, the Lord, three years later, gave us this piece of land, supernaturally, I mean, it’s amazing. The guy who owned it went bankrupt. I went to the bank, I asked, could I buy it, they said, “No, we wanna put a cement company on it.” And I said, “I’ll give you $400,000 for it,” and they said, “No, we’re gonna put a cement company on it. We’d sell it to you for a million to keep from,” and I said, “We work with the cement, it’s not a problem.”

And then they came back a year later and said, “We’ll sell it to you for 300,000.” I said, “Great.” I said, “I would’ve given you 400,000 last year.” I mean, you know. Now this is what I’m saying to you. The Lord is returning all of us to the original vision that He showed you. And he says, “Clean out the pond that has cluttered that vision and fill that vision up. Because I got new fish to bring in.” Some of you don’t even like the fish that He’s already brought in. You ain’t gonna make it when he brings the new fish in. He says, “Clean out the pond, return to the original vision, prepare yourself for the inflooding of the fish ahead. Get ready, things are changing now,” saith the Lord!

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