Connect With the Frequency of My Conclave

Voices: Robyn Vincent, Venner Alston
Date Given: September 25, 2022

Venner Alston – This meeting has been so about sound and frequency and I had an experience and the Lord told me don’t leave here without depositing this. About two weeks ago I was just in my house praying, and all of a sudden I heard a word that I don’t use. It was the word conclave. I heard that word and I sort of filed it, and a couple of days later The Lord said “go and look that up you need that”. And I went and looked it up and it’s connected to how the Catholic church chooses their Pope. But bigger than that it’s a meeting, it’s a summit, it’s a gathering. And then on the plane on the way here, I fell into a sleep but I wasn’t really asleep.

The plane shifted and all of a sudden I was looking at Claudia who was traveling with me. She was right across the isle literally, and she was talking to a woman. Well there was a woman sitting next to her but she wasn’t talking, so I knew that I was looking at a different scene, and all of a sudden, I saw a man sitting on the plane next to me. The plane got larger and he was chanting. Frequency, he was chanting. The only thing you could see was his eyes and he was chanting. He picked up his phone and he said “I do have the authority, I am proficient in prayer” I heard the Lord tell me to tell all of us this. In this season we’re going to have to connect with the frequency of heaven because there is another frequency that has been unleashed but the frequency of heaven will override any frequency that has been unleashed. We rebuke every ungodly, every demonic, every occultic conclave. We say this is a season that the ecclesia are rising and our frequency, that is tuned and connected to heaven, will override every other frequency. Let the sound arise.

Robyn Vincent – And I wanna say this because what Venner released, she had no idea, talking about history of New Orleans when she spoke about the catholic church. That is the government over Louisiana. That is the government system. That conclave will come forth in New Orleans, in Louisiana. Father we say there is higher sound. Father I thank you. We have a higher sound that will come forth and break open revival in Jesus name.

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