Cutting the Bands of Resistance

Voices: Tobias Lyons
Date Given: September 23, 2018

  • Tobias Lyons

And the Lord says that, “This is a time “that I am cutting the bands of resistance off of my body. “That which has kept you from inhaling and breathing “in the fullness of that which I have to impart.” The Lord says, “This is the time that I am going to begin “to clip those bands of restriction “for I am calling you into a fullness of time, “in this moment. “And that which is being released will require you “to inhale deeper than you have in past seasons before.” So the Lord says, “Allow the cutting away of the body “and on the bands of resistance for this time. “For in the inhaling there will be a fulfilling of time “and a fulfilling of glory that has been asked for “from past generations.” So the Lord says, “Know that in this time “I am calling into time a fullness of glory “that has not been seen.”

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