David’s Tabernacle Is Moving Through the Strata of the Earth

Voices: Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: May 6, 2020

LeAnn Squier – I saw just this big oppression coming down almost like a big foot and it was just coming down to oppress and to control the destiny of a nation and I just have never seen it quite like that before. But what I heard the Lord say was there’s memory, it’s like memory foam, memory foam like you know, you press it down, when you press it down it just comes back up, it remembers the pattern, it remembers the shape and it was like I saw that there was memory in the land, in the DNA that was going to spring back up again until they fully came back into the memory, the understanding, the remembrance, the remembrance of their redemptive call as the nation, and it was like there was a fruitfulness that was destined to come forth. And so Lord, we just release that over all the nations. We say that which has been stomped and pressed down and oppressed by evil powers of control, Lord, that you’re saying ha ha there’s memory in that DNA and it will spring up again.

Chuck Pierce – Now Amos nine prophesies about the tabernacle of David being restored. It’s not just us ascending in worship, but when you read that chapter, the prophecy is that it will literally go down through the stratus, the layers of the earth, until the fullness of God’s plan comes back out. That’s what LeAnn is saying right now . We call forth a tabernacle of David throughout the nation. From nation to nation to nation we say rise up so the earth remembers its call. Shout a divine return of worship throughout the earth that will penetrate the land and cause the land to rejoice. Speak over your lands right now. Speak over your address. Speak over everything where you are. Decree right now, the land is crying out and God is saying I will see My land rejoice again

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