Decode the Sounds in Your Blood

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: January 2, 2023

Chuck Pierce – I say decode the sounds that I’m moving through your blood. For you will hear things through your blood this year and see things through your blood that have never been activated before. Decode the sounds, decode the sights, and release it in the earth realm. Different sounds and different revelation will come to you. I will send you dreams, I will give you visions. You’ll hear whispers at the gate. I say the voice of My people will come alive and not be able to be quenched this year ahead. And I say, know when to pass your mantle. Know when to extend your sound for this will be a year that new strength has to arise to back you in the war that you’ll be in. I say, get ready, I’m mobilizing sons and daughters with the sound and the voice that can back you and what you warred through and push you through into victory, sayeth the Lord. And I say, no prejudice this year in My kingdom. For a kingdom people will arise of every tribe, every tongue in every language. I say, let the prejudice in your blood be removed for the sound must come forth, My kingdom sound.

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