Dig Deep and Unscrew the Throne of Iniquity

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips
Date Given: September 14, 2023

Shatece McLeod – [speaking in the spirit]

Chuck Pierce – I say, you’re just scratching the surface over your future. You’ve been breaking ground, but I say now you will go deep and that which you couldn’t pioneer in other seasons, you will pioneer now, sayeth the Lord. You say, “But the strength I need is not still here”, but I would say to you, I am going to infuse you and instead of you just scratching the surface, you will be like a deep ditch digger and you will dig deep and I will fill the ditches so your enemies flee, sayeth the Lord.

Keevy Phillips – For the Lord will say to you, as you begin to dig deeper, the throne of iniquity that’s been set up in front of your door for the future, by the time you hit the bottom of the rock, you’ll see the bolt that is holding the chair in place, says the spirit of the Lord. The Lord says, as you persevere deeper, you will begin to unbolt and unseat the chair that is blocking your pathway of the door to your future. I say dig deep again. Dig deep again and as I will use you as a screwdriver to unscrew the bolt of the chair blocking your path, says the spirit of the Lord.

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