Do Not Separate My Day of Favor From My Day of Vengeance

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Linda Heidler
Date Given: July 5, 2020

Chuck Pierce – The world is not coming to an end, this next week. It’s okay people, you’ll be fine. Just step in and enjoy all of what is stirring around you. Father I loose this over us. Father I loose it over us right now. I speak to this fear. You can’t make it. The fearful can’t make it into the kingdom of God. Tell somebody I gotta get there. The Bible says that. We’re always saying the homosexual can’t make it. We’re always saying that the drunkard can’t make it. Let me tell you something. The fearful can’t make it. Say I’m going to do what it takes to get in.

Linda Heidler – I know a lot of you watched that video this week. That the pastor, I think from Kentucky sent out. And when I read it, I thought every single thing he said may happen. All of that may happen. But that’s not the only thing going on. That is not the only thing that’s happening. A lot of people foresaw the Corona virus coming, and the riots coming, what they didn’t say, what they didn’t see, was the revival God is bringing in place after place, after place because of the chaos and because of the people, because of the uncertainty. The hearts of men are turning to God. Now, as I said, everything that pastor said may happen, but, God says in the day of My vengeance, there is a day of My favor and don’t separate the two do not focus on only the vengeance always remember and look for, and expect to see the day of My favor. When you see the day of vengeance. Lord we’re gonna look for the day of Your favor. We’re gonna look for You to favor all those that Chuck just said that people said they can’t make it. Yes Lord, by Your favor, by Your favor when You said, I have come to unlock the prison doors, I have come to set the captives free. In the day of Your vengeance, You come to set captives free. Lord we will look for that. Put our hope on that. Expect that, and move with Your favor through a time of chaos.

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