Don’t Count Your Seeds

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Mark Waldrep, Tammie Goss
Date Given: December 11, 2022

Mark Waldrep – The Lord says, I promised you a new sky and fruit. The taste of which that you cannot even imagine now. But at this point in time you’re operating under the canopy that I have assigned. Don’t count the seeds, plant. Don’t count the seeds.

Chuck Pierce – That’s the word, that’s the word.

Mark Waldrep – If don’t see the fruit. If you don’t see the fruit today your children will see it tomorrow. Don’t count the seeds.

Chuck Pierce – Mark that’s a word from God. The Lord spoke it to me Friday. He said, quit counting those seeds. Quit counting them. I want you to plant what you got. I went through it with Him yesterday. He said, you plant what you’ve got. So in the days ahead you’ll have fruit you didn’t even know you were gonna have, a word from the Lord.

Tammie Goss – And Chuck I wanna tell you something that happened this last week. The little soaps we got of the lion of the tiger. I went to clean my bathroom the other day and there was oil all on the surface of that, that lion that we were given at the conference is exuding oil. So father, we decree right now that the seeds that were sown during that time period where that lion was given to us in the conference are now yielding a harvest. We decree a harvest of miracles. We decree a harvest of anointing and we say it is exuding from your people who are sitting at the table in the mighty name of Jesus.

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