Don’t Focus On Doing Everything Right

Voices: Linda Heidler
Date Given: March 17, 2024

Linda Heidler – There are two scriptures that have been going through my mind, as we’ve been in this incredible different place of worship. And the first one was when Jesus went to visit Mary and Martha in Bethany. And Martha was so focused on what she needed to do, all the things she needed to get done, and that was her routine. That’s what you do when a guest comes to your house, and she was doing it all right. She was doing everything she should have done. Mary, on the other hand, recognized, this is a unique moment. The Lord is here. The presence of the Lord is here, and I’ve got to pull aside, and I’ve got to hear what he’s saying to me in this moment. And I feel like the Lord is saying, there are gonna be those moments. You can stay in your routine and you can do everything right, and you can get all the stuff ready to serve Jesus, or you can come aside, and you can be with Jesus, and hear what he has to say to you. The other scripture is from Revelation 2, I think it’s 2, the church at Ephesus. They were doing everything right. Everything. I mean, they suffered for the Lord, they persevered, they did everything right. Jesus said, “You’ve lost your first love.” You’ve lost your passion. And I think this morning, the Lord is saying, please don’t do everything right and miss me. Please don’t do everything right without that burning passion that you had when you first got saved without your first love. Please, please don’t just focus on doing everything right, and miss me as you’re doing it. Lord, forgive us if we have focused on what we need to do rather than focusing on you and where you are, your presence, and what you wanna say to us, and then how you want us to respond out of what you say to us.

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