Don’t Uproot the Fig Tree of This Nation

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: November 10, 2019

Chuck Pierce – When God showed me that he gave me a verse. And it came from Luke 13. “Then he began telling them this parable. A certain man had a fig tree that had been planted in his vineyard. He came looking for fruit on it but didn’t find any. So he said to the vineyard keeper, for three years I’ve come looking for the fruit of this fig tree and have found none. Cut it down. Why does it even use up the ground depleting the soil and blocking the sun light? But he replied to them, Let it alone, sir. Just one more year until I dig around it and put in fertilizer. And if it bears fruit after this, fine. But if not, cut it down.”

So what the Lord said in the third year of Trump’s, and I’ve written this several times, of Trump’s Administration, that there would be an attempt to pull up all of the roots of the fig tree and I was looking at America from that standpoint of how America is today. You have to remember, America is not today the same as America was when the constitution was formed. And so there’s this attempt to pull up the root of this fig tree and the Lord said very specifically in the third year there would be an attempt for what he represented to be removed. That it would be an attempt for him to be impeached. I’ve said it over and over. I’ve said, someone would say what about his eight year? Will he be in there eight years? I said I saw in his third year a war over his impeachment. And I believe right now God is digging around this whole nation. I believe he’s saying how do you want to bring forth the fruit of this nation? How are you going to bring forth? I think what will happen right now is we will start praying in a way that we have to realize now going in to the next year it’s about the fruit that is produced. It’s about how we see what God wants to bring forth. And you have to look back at that in 2008 through 2010 when the Lord was speaking all of that, it’s happening now. He doesn’t do anything without him first telling the prophets. But the issue is, it’s like this passage here on this Veteran’s Day. I think we’re in an iffy place. I guess people are praying but I still think we’re having to determine what fruit will be brought forth from this nation in the next season. And I know if Mr. Trump died tomorrow there is still a war to uproot God’s covenant plan and this land. And so it becomes very important that we pray for Mr. Trump right now. Because I feel like if he can be uprooted out of time, because that’s what this scripture says to me, that they would try to be a uprooting in his third year. That’s what the scripture says. Point blank. If he can be uprooted, everything that is being represented to shift this nation back towards certain freedoms, spiritual freedoms can be uprooted. And so I believe God gave me this scripture so that we could stand and pray and say what the Lord said in this scripture. No, leave it alone and don’t uproot it. Don’t uproot it. Fertilize it Lord. Fertilize Mr. Trump. Fertilize our President. Dig around our President. Remove old barnacles off of his roots. But Lord we say don’t let this fig tree called America be uprooted this year. Father we say, we speak against the uprooting. We speak against the uprooting. The premature uprooting of this nation. And we say that it will not be uprooted this year. That there will be such a godly work done starting from President Trump all the way down through John Dickson. And Lord we say let our voice get louder and louder. Let your freedom get louder and louder.

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