Dragon Devourers Are Arising

Voices: Barbara Wentroble
Date Given: June 6, 2021

Barbara Wentroble – Now this morning I kept seeing God’s people standing before a door and the Lord said I’m getting ready to open a door into this new place for My people. But I also saw the dragon standing at the door and the Word of God tells us how that dragon is ready to devour that that’s about to be birthed. And the Lord said I have a door of favor. I have a door of opportunity. I have a door that I’m getting ready to unlock the dunamis power within My people. But God says do not look at the dragon at the door that is ready to devour that that I have prepared for you. For I say greater is He that’s in you than he that is in the world. I say do not turn back in this season, but know that I’m going to give you the supernatural power and where the dragon thought he would devour you, thought he would devour your future, thought he would devour your destiny. I say no, you will devour the dragon. I say dragon devourers our rising up in this hour.

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