Ecuador Is Shaking to Shift

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: March 19, 2023

Chuck Pierce – Now guys, Ecuador had a big earthquake last night, yesterday. There’s some reason you’re going for a time such as this. And the Lord says, “Many seeds have been planted there. Yet I say to you, I am sending you like a pendulum. You’re going to cause things to sway to the right, sway to the left. For I say Ecuador hangs in a balance right now, so I’m sending you to create the shift that needs to be created.” The Lord says, “I already have the people in your path. I already have what you’re to do when you get there but I say I’m shaking it right now to shift it. For if it doesn’t shift now, it will align with the enemy’s purpose.” I say I’m calling it to (baaaaa) instead of calling it to be a goat at this time. And I say to you, I am sending you to stir up every seed that’s been sewn there.” I’ve been to Ecuador so many times. We’ve sent teams so many times, we have teams there but the Lord says, “There must come forth the sound of My voice in Ecuador today.” So I am sending you on your way to cause it to sway into My purpose.

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