Embrace the Double

Voices: Chad Foxworth, Lisa Lyons
Date Given: May 5, 2024

Chad Foxworth – I don’t want us to miss this moment because there’s something that the Lord wants us to bestow upon us in this moment with James is singing “Double Double” and Justin just got up and told us about our signet ring that we receive. God is commanding us to receive double. This ain’t something that we’re just choosing. This is something he’s commanding us to do, to receive, because we need the provision for war. When kings went to war, they had to have provision. So listen, lift up your hands this morning and receive the commandment of double.

Lisa Lyons – We have the generations up here. And our focus today is on the great vintner. It’s on the vineyards. And let me tell you, vineyards are planted with generations in mind. There are vineyards on the hills in Switzerland that were planted by the Roman soldiers 2000 years ago. A vineyard is not something you do just for you. It is something you do for these and those that come after them, and those that come after them. And if you do not do what Chad said and embrace the double, then that means they don’t have the double pass to them. I’m gonna embrace my double. I’m gonna make sure double is passed to my sons and my grandsons, and those to come, and they’re gonna double the double, and double that double, and double it again and double it again. You’ve got to know that the vineyard is for your generations and embrace the fullness of it.

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