Enter In, Align, and Understand the Decoding of This Season

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: April 4, 2018

  • Chuck Pierce

For I say to you, “This will be a week that I am calling you into a new place of alignment with Me, a new place of worship with Me. For this will be a time that I start unlocking an understanding of mysteries and decoding what needs to be decoded so that you can see into a realm you’ve not seen. I say to you, this will be a time that I start revealing nations movements and how I will begin to move within nations. I say this will be a time that I start showing you how there are re-alignments going on in the earth and I say because of that, I am re-aligning you. I am putting you in a place with me that you have not been so seek me while I may be found. I will be near to you but this will be a week of aligning the Spirit of my people in a new way. And I say, from it, you will see judgements and you will see restorations but I say you will enter into a faith that you’ve not seen before. I say this will be a time of change that begins to accelerate in the church. I say I will begin to lead people into visions and they will prostrate before me. I say this will be a time that my Spirit will overwhelm and many will be slain in the Spirit at one time. I say this will be a time that faith will arise and people will say, “I need a miracle,” and you will speak and miracles will happen. So I say, enter in, align and worship me in a new way.

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