Ephraim and Judah Will War Against Amalek

Voices: Tobias Lyons
Date Given: November 22, 2020

– Tobias Lyons – And the Lord says, that I have called out the spirit of Amalek. The Lord says the rebellion that you have seen manifesting in the nation and in the nations, the Lord says know that the Amalek spirit has heard my voice calling it out to battle, for did I not say that each generation after generation would war against Amalek? So the Lord says, know, that even as I have called Amalek out onto the battlefield for such a time as this, the Lord says that I have infused the spirit of resurrection life inside of you. So the Lord says that, know, as I am calling you out to battle that I am unraveling the root structure of Amalek for how it has tangled itself in the tribes and in my people. So the Lord says, know that I am calling a gathering together of Ephraim and of Judah, the building of tribes, the Lord says how Ephraim came from the descendants of Amalek. The Lord says that I am unraveling the root structure of Ephraim, and dividing, bringing the word, and the sword into that tribe and into those people so that they can move into a new portion of kingdom as Ephraim and Judah meet together on the battlefield in this season.

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