Free Yourself and Gain Access to the Future

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce, Tiffany Smith
Date Given: March 12, 2023

Chuck Pierce – For three and a half weeks I have not been able to take a complete breath. And last night, and then Pam came in and said, “I refuse for you to keep me up coughing again tonight, some way the devil heard her.” And I said, “Then let’s ask the Lord to roll this thing out of this. It’s always my left lung. Roll it out of my left lung.” This morning, it came up and out. Decree you need to be delivered. And I’m gonna tell you, during this time, I said, “I’m not doing inhalers. I’m not doing all that stuff I’ve done in the past. I’m not getting back in that old cycle. I will do what is necessary that God tells me or I won’t breathe.” And then they came out with an article saying albuterol is going to have a shortage. I said, “Good. I’m not gonna use it.” Now let me tell you something. We are headed into some times where we have to change if we’re going to press through into the new. And this morning, whatever that was came up and out, decree you gonna get get delivered this week just like I did.

Anne Tate – I believe right now the Lord is bringing up everything that was stuck in the craw in the body of Christ. It’s coming up and out. Everything that was stuck in the craw.

Chuck Pierce – Now that is a good saying that you need to know. That means that thing that’s stuck in your gizzard that you can’t get rid of, God’s saying, I’m going to pull it up and pull it out and you need to give Me access so you can gain access.

Tiffany Smith – And what Pam did, what Pam did over her home was a prophetic moment, a prophetic act. And I heard the Lord say, “Mothers, it is time to stand up and say time’s up.” Time’s up over the chaos that has been stirring in your home, against your husbands, against your children. There’s an anointing right now. I feel it all throughout my body. I feel it in my feet. There is a word in the atmosphere for the mothers to begin to release that’s gonna carry weight in the situations that you have been up against. So, Lord, I thank you for the word of this hour. God, I thank you that you are anointing the mothers to begin to say times up on the chaos, Lord that you’re giving a sharp word that is gonna carry weight. Not a word’s gonna fall. Not a word over our children, over our husbands over our finances, over the future. We’re not gonna agree with the anxiety anymore that’s been in this atmosphere in Jesus’ name.

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