Generational Bones Are Rattling, Coming Together, and Forming One New Man

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: June 29, 2020

Chuck Pierce- And I say even when the word never manifests, that my word that was put down in my people never manifests it in one generation. I say to you, I’m causing a shaking in the bones of where and who it lies in and I say that shaking now will come back up as you worship and that sound and that word will go into the next generation.

Keevey Phillips – “I’m rattling the bones because I am making one new man,” says the Lord. The bones of slaves and the bones of slave masters will rattle together as one. The bones of the colonizer and the bones of the oppressed will rattle together as one. Sons of King Leopold and sons of the Congolese will rattle together as one. Sons and the descendants of Hitler and the Jews will rattle together as one. “I am causing rattling for one new man,” says the Lord. Don’t stop my rattling, don’t stop the disturbance for it’s causing the bones, it’s causing the ankle bone to come to the leg bone and the hand bone to come together. “Don’t stop the rattling for the rattling is creating one new man,” says the Lord.

Chuck Pierce – And I say to you, you don’t see eternity the way I see eternity. Time doesn’t bound me, I bind me. I know the injustices that have occurred, but I have yet to make decisions over certain things and I say I will rattle and shake re-align, then I cast into outer darkness, I say, give me my sorting liberty right now for I am sorting out some generations, some iniquities, some injustices and many blessings that never manifested, I’m in a day of sorting.

Keevy Phillips – I hear the Lord saying some of you at home, you feel a part of your DNA rattling, don’t stop that rattling, there is a God element in your blood that is not from the tribe that you are from, but it’s me pushing you, pushing that part of your DNA to come alive now, there’s a part of inside of you. If that’s you in your home, get up and let that part of you rattle, let that Asian side of you rattle, let the African American side of you rattle, let the Caucasian side of you rattle. “I am causing great rattling in the earth, let it rattle,” says the Lord.

LeAnne Squire – ♪ Hey, get up and rattle ♪ ♪ Get up and rattle ♪ ♪ Get up and rattle ♪ ♪ And rattle, yeah ♪

Chuck Pierce – And I’m realigning families, and I’m determining tribes, and it’s those tribes that I will bring out in this next war season, so allow my realignment to occur. Don’t choose the feathers of the flock that you wanna you be a part of, let me put your plume in the place that it belongs, for I am creating a new mantle with new authority and I say once I’ve repositioned, then you’ll go to war.

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