Grab Ahold of the Flash of Your New Adventure

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: June 13, 2021

Chuck Pierce – And the Lord says, I have spurts of light that I will bring before you. I have flashes that I’m bringing into your path. The Lord says, don’t try to catch the whole picture, grab hold of the flash, and that lightning of flash, will energize you enough to see in ways you haven’t seen before. I say, don’t try to just keep flickers from the past going, but I say to you, let fire begin to cause a burning within you, that will cause a radiation and movement. I say, don’t be afraid of new adventures that I am bringing into your path. I say, get ready to step. I know how you can slide down the waterfall. I know how you can swim forth to the other side. I say to you today, there is another side So keep moving even when you haven’t seen the shore yet.

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