He Is Removing the Old to Birth Forth the New

Voices: Jane Arenas, Keevy Phillips, Shatece McLeod, Simon Lyons, Tiffany Smith, Tobias Lyons
Date Given: August 19, 2020

Tobias Lyons – Isaiah 53:12 says, “So I Yahweh will assign him a portion among a great multitude. And he will triumph and divide the spoils of victory with his mighty ones. All because he poured out his life, blood of to death. He was counted among the worst of sinners yet he carried sins burden for many, and intercedes for those who are rebels.” The reason why we run after Him is because He first ran after us. We desire Him because He desires us first. And in this season, our hearts have to be fully circumcised, completely looked over, down to the very depths of how it is rooted inside of us. Because if there is one thing lacking, we will not look to Him like He is calling it as He looked to us. So Father, in this season, we say, come circumcise our hearts, come look at the depths of who you created us to be, and all that does not align with your plan, all that does not align with your purpose, Father we say uproot it, uncover it. Lord we say that your heart is not just for us, but for the nations, your heart is for creation as it continues to groan. So Lord, we say we run and we build an altar of worship this season so that You can consume everything that is not of You. Father, and re-consume us and rebrand us for new vessels in this season.

Shatece McLeod – Speaking in the Spirit

Keevy Phillips – “And I will say to you when Zion travailed she gave birth, but know this day, that your travail will have cadence and synchronization with My voice today says the Lord. In this last month of My calendar year, labor pains are intensifying. So you can give birth for I have said in My word, “My word will not turn unto Me void. So I will do what is necessary through you to push My word out. that needs to be completed in this year,” says the Lord. “Submit to travail, submit to the well, submit to travail and submit to the well in Me. Let the groanings of your ancestors rise up and push you forward. Let the groanings and the prayers and the supplications of your forefathers pass. Rise up in you now and push out what needs to be completed in this year,” says the Lord.

Jane Arenas – “For there has been a sound wave that I have been building in a deep place.” And the Lord says, “My people have been listening to the buzzing around, but there has been a deep sound wave in the deep that has been groaning and has been moaning and has been desiring to surface up.” And the Lord says, “I am beginning to open up the earth, I’m beginning to open up the earth, so that the sound wave from the deep will begin to reverberate in the nation, reverberate in the nations of this world. And My sound says the Lord, will be louder than the sounds of the enemy in this season and this time. And you will see a great transformation of the heart for people, a great transformation of those who have been opposed to My voice,” says the Lord. “I will bring them in with that sound wave from the deep.”

Simon Lyons – I hear the Lord saying He is coming to break up the tepid waters that had been residing in His people. And I could just see it right now, it was like, this was like a whole pool of tepid water that the Lord said He is bringing a lightning strike down to break up. I need y’all dancers right now to come up and break up this tepid water. Now please come up and break up this tepid water. Now please come up and break up this tepid water. Father let nothing remain tepid in us. Let nothing remain tepid in us. Father break this open, cause this breakthrough to come forth. Father cause this Judah troop to move up and break up this tepid water.

Tiffany Smith – I had a dream two nights ago, and in this dream there was a group of us like on a mountain top. And so I drove up, when I got out of the car I realized I was pregnant, big pregnant. And everybody looked at me and I was shocked, and they were shocked, and I kept saying like, “I didn’t realize I was this far along. Like I had no idea that I was this far along.” And I believe that there are some of you that the Lord has had you in a season where he has been growing things on the inside of you. And you didn’t realize that it is time to birth. You didn’t realize that today is the day to birth it. So I break hesitation, I break hesitation, I break hesitation in the name of Jesus. And God I pray that we will be awakened to your time that we would be stirred in your time in the name of Jesus. That we would begin to partner with You and agree with You and agree with what You’re wanting to release in the earth today.

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